DEALER FOCUS: Image use and attribution – getting it right

This information is for guidance only. It is not legal advice. The sale and promotion of art is an intrinsically visual business. Images are widely used by dealers to promote artists and their… Read More

Dealer Member focus: Artist/s requests for transparent information

The Indigenous Art Code (IartC) supports artists to have access to transparent information about any commercial arrangements they enter around their artwork. Transparency in the process of promotion and sale of Artwork… Read More

Consumer focus: How to buy ethically

Making sure you always buy ethically is not just about protecting the buyer’s investment, it’s about respect for the world’s oldest living culture, ensuring the artists are paid fairly and securing a sustainable future… Read More

Dealer Member focus: checking your power and privilege

We ask Dealer Members of the Indigenous Art Code to regularly reflect on power imbalances that exist between yourselves and the artists you work with. When negotiating a contract or an arrangement we… Read More

Artist Member focus: seeking advice before entering new arrangements

Artists who are entering into new partnerships or negotiating the sale or licensing of their artwork can often feel confused or unsure of their rights. Unfortunately, it is not uncommon… Read More

Our Art is Our Lifeline campaign press

Follow the links to access recent press about the Our Art is Our Lifeline campaign and fair, transparent and ethical purchasing of art by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander artists… Read More

COVID-19 Financial Support Options paper

The Indigenous Art Code along with Arnhem Northern and Kimberley Artists Aboriginal Corporation (ANKA), Desart, Indigenous Art Centre Alliance (IACA), Aboriginal Arts Centre Hub WA (AACHWA) and Ananguku Arts and Cultural Aboriginal Corporation (Ku… Read More