Indigenous artist

Angela Marr-Grogan Creations

I’m a Birrbay Woman with family connections to the Dhangghatti and Warrimay People on the North Coast. I have a love of my culture, country, art and all things creative. I have been painting for many for years for cultural and spiritual reasons, and began painting professionally several years ago. My works of art are contemporary, bold and fresh, and symmetrical in style and feature intricate dot, line work, circles and concentric rings. I have always had a fascination with circles and paint them for their timelessness, beauty and symbolism. I believe that circles are not only aesthetically beautiful but represent a spiritual connectedness, and I am profoundly drawn to paint them in my works of art. I specialise in culturally inspired imagery for organisations and Aboriginal programs and custom gifts. As an Aboriginal woman and artist, I am extremely passionate about celebrating and promoting my culture through art and language. I also am inspired and driven by the depth of Aboriginal culture and my place within it. Sharing my stories and expressing my connection to my people and country through art is a spiritual and rewarding experience for me. Marrumbu Angela Marr-Grogan Gurrwa-Marraygan (Sea Spirit)

Indigenous language groups

Birrbay Woman (Gathang Language)