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Mitch Bowman Art

Mitch Bowman is a Wiradjuri artist that was born in Wagga Wagga NSW. He now lives just a short drive from there, in the small town of Junee. Mitch began to paint approximately 2 years ago, as a way to cope with a time of high mental stress. However, as the time passed and he started to notice signs of healing, Mitch found the experience and expression of painting to be a wonderful hobby. From this, painting has become an extremely regular part of his life in the last 12 months. Majority of the artwork Mitch creates contain native animals, river systems and various Indigenous meeting places. Mitch hand draws, then paints all of his own art and believes this is something that has helped him to build his own style. Primarily using stretched canvas for his art work, Mitch will, from time to time, paint his designs onto various items as requested.

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