Indigenous artist

Michael Harding

Ngarga Warendj

Belonging to the Yowong-Illam-Baluk and Nattarak Baluk clans of the Taungurung people, Mick Harding is an artist specialising in wood working, printmaking and giftware. For Mick, ‘art is a rainbow of many things’ and his own practice demonstrates this openness to innovative design. His company, Ngarga Warendj Dancing Wombat, is known for high-quality products that are produced by hand or through ethical licensing agreements. Mick is also a cultural educator and his commitment to knowledge is reflected in the cultural narratives that inform his works. For his wooden objects, the wood is sourced from the very same site as the story inscribed onto it, demonstrating and connecting the poetics of story and place. Mick notes the importance of his art making as a way to be both culturally and financially independent. His art is also for his children and community and he says that buying genuine products from Indigenous artists ‘puts money into our pockets and into our communities - we are closing the gap ourselves.’

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