Arts NT, Department of Tourism, Sport and Culture

The Department of Tourism and Culture was formed in 2016 with a shared and united purpose in:

  • providing industry and sector support to assist with development, governance and viability
  • providing grant funding to support a variety of activities and events
  • conserving and protecting places, objects, events, natural and other elements which make up the physical and cultural identity of the Northern Territory
  • promoting our physical and cultural identity, together with the Northern Territory more broadly, to inspire people from outside of the region to visit, and also encourage participation by Territorians.
The Department of Tourism and Culture's vision is to create compelling reasons to live in and visit the Northern Territory. It employs more than 640 staff with a workforce dedicated to attracting more visitors to the NT, creating adesirable place to live and working to conserve and preserve our natural and cultural assets for future generations. The Department has two Ministers, one CEO and four divisions. Arts NT is a unit of the Community Participation, Sport and the Arts Division. Arts NT supports, develops and promotes the growth of the creative arts sector. Arts NT gives advice, develops partnerships and provides financial and infrastructure support for the arts. Arts NT programs include the NT Arts Grants Program and the Australian Government Regional Arts Fund. Funded programs help the development of artists and organisations in the Northern Territory (NT). These programs aim to explore, express and showcase NT identity through arts and culture. Arts NT takes part in national arts and culture policy working groups, research and evaluation projects. These impact on how the arts make a positive contribution to healthy and creative communities. Arts NT's role in collaborative projects across the Northern Territory Government helps to make sure the NT's position on a national scale is strengthened and supported. Arts NT aims to make sure Territorians have access to a variety of arts and culture activities, as audience members and active participants.


First Floor, 9 Cavenagh Street
Darwin, NT 0800