Arts South Australia, Department of the Premier and Cabinet

The role of Arts South Australia is to ensure that the State recognises and capitalises on economic opportunities arising from the diverse arts and cultural organisations, practitioners, events and physical assets in the state by developing programs that build on cultural heritage and creativity, and providing financial support to the creative industries. Arts and cultural development in the State is characterised by a diversity of practice and practitioners, unique and historic assets and facilities, world renowned collections and a commitment to arts for all regardless of geographic location or circumstance. High quality arts experiences challenge and enrich the lives of South Australians. Support for the arts is demonstrated by: support for the subsidised sector (organisations and individuals) support for the making of work by South Australian artists promotion nationally and internationally of work, either as an audience member or participant care of the state’s collections and the buildings and assets that house them care of the performing arts venues and assets.


State Administration Centre, 200 Victoria Square
Adelaide, SA 5000