Indigenous artist

Kulka Fahey

Art by Kulka

My name is Kulka Fahey, I am a proud Birpai and Worimi woman currently located on Awabakal land. At 24 years of age, I am proud to say that I am an award-winning, aspiring Aboriginal artist. In the past year I was selected to have artworks within three separate exhibitions held within the Hunter. I have also recently been lucky enough to have my artworks featured in; series of Biopak, the Indigenous round jerseys for Newcastle Rugby Union Referees Association, artworks within a new upcoming project for Richard Crookes Constructions and apart of the market stalls within NSW and the ACT. Growing up I have always been creative with either a paint brush or pencil in my hand. Over the past year I have been dedicated to working hard to create a name and brand to showcase my artwork and heritage; with the immense desire that one day my art, passion, can be my life work and continue to bring happiness to myself and others everyday through my paintings and designs.

Indigenous language groups

Birpai, Worimi