Indigenous artist

Sul Nation

My name is ​Emrhan Tjapanangka Sultan, I was born and raised in Mparntwe with strong connections to the Western Arrarnta and Luritja Nations of the Western Desert through my mum, as well as the Kokatha Nation in South Australia through my dad. In my spare time I run my own business, Sul Nation, a 100% Aboriginal owned and operated brand that includes mukulri apparel, creative, and consultancy services. My paintings are what connects me my country and culture through traditional stories passed down from my mum and grandfather, both wonderful artists, who I got to watch paint as a young child. They are the source of my inspiration. I specialise in acrylic on canvas as well as the digital space to produce artworks and designs for my apparel range, as well as corporate requests. Through my mukulri apparel line I choose quality products sourced from local suppliers to bring our customers apparel that is super comfy to wear while putting money back into our local economy and supporting other small businesses. This has always been important for me as an artist and seller to keep it local rather than sending my production offshore. The word ‘mukulri’ is from the Western Arrarnta and Luritja languages that means 'really good' or 'deadly', the latter being a word used by many Aboriginal people to mean excellent, pretend, or very good. I also work as a consultant, helping non-Aboriginal organisations and companies develop their own First Nations strategic document like a statement of commitment, action plans help guide on positive outcomes for the clients and First Nations people. This current part of my journey is to share my culture and connection to country with anyone who chooses to learn more about me. My contribution may be small, but it builds on what is there and provides a stronger foundation for those who come next. I want to leave a legacy where the next generation of our family line, and the ones who come after, can learn about their stories and connection to our wonderful culture.

Indigenous language groups

Western Arrernte/Arunda, Luritja and Kokatha