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ARTKELCH is specialising in Contemporary Indigenous Art from Australia and Papua New Guinea. The gallery works a 100% community-based. ARTKELCH not only sources top quality authentic Aboriginal art for art aficionados and collectors here in Europe, they also support selected artists and art centres in remote Australia and PNG desiring to exhibit their art in Europe. Founded in 2006 by Robyn Kelch, ARTKELCH has curated more than 120 exhibitions thereof more than 13 in German museums. ARTKELCH regularely participates in art fairs (Art Bodensee 2010, Art Karlsruhe since 2011, Art Strasbourg 2017 and 2018, Art Paris 2019 and 2020). On top ARTKELCH stages 3 to 4 exhibitions per year at their Gallery in Freiburg and 1 to 2 exhibitions at their Collectors Lounge near Stuttgart. ARTKELCH became known in Europe for its annual touring exhibition named "Pro Community", which introduced art from one or more art centres of one specific region per year at different venues. ARTKELCH stands for quality, dependability and respect in all dealings with art and artists. Our main focus is on acrylic paintings from Spinifex Country and the APY Lands as well as on bark paintings and sculptures from Arnhem Land.


Gunterstalstr. 57
Freiburg, 79102

opening hours

During exhibitions in Freiburg
Wednesday - Friday: 11 am -6 pm
Saturday: 10 am - 2 pm

A visit to our gallery can be organized any time, even when an exhibition is not on.....or you can make arrangements for a visit in our Collectors Lounge in Schorndorf near Stuttgart.