IartC acknowledges the Traditional Owners and custodians of Country throughout Australia. We recognise their continuing connection to the land, waters and skies, often expressed through art.

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Nathan Rodgers-Falk

Bundjalung | NSW

Connection To Country Arts, is the creation of artist, Nathan Falk. Nathan is from the Ngemba/ Murrawarri / Wiradjuri nations, he creates a fusion of contemporary and traditional Indigenous art. Born out in country, he moved to the Byron Bay Region of the Northern Rivers (Bundjalung Nation) when he was young, there he connected with the local mob and was able to share and learn their knowledge. Now drawing from his own roots and the dreamtime stories passed down by elders, each of his artworks tells its own unique story and shares the connection to country. When I paint I stop and listen to country and the dreaming that is coming through from our Ancestors and spirit. Culture is my life and I really hope to share and help awaken people about how deep our culture is and about how much we have to share with every single walk of life. For custom pieces or further information, please contact ‘Connection To Country’ directly.


Kacie Fahey

Yuggera/Jagera/Ugarapul | Walloon QLD

My name is Kacie (Kc) Rae. I am an Aboriginal woman of the Kamilaroi nation. Art has become an integral part of my journey in reconnecting with culture, as my cultural identity was not shared with me during my childhood, due to a series of complex issues. I am passionate about sharing my art as a means of healing community, sharing our cultures and histories, and exploring what it means to be a part of the oldest living culture through a 21st century lens. Professionally, I have studied a Bachelor of Business, and am now completing my Masters in Domestic and Family Violence Practice. I have worked in the youth justice, child death prevention, youth advocacy, and higher education sectors. On a personal level, I am a survivor of domestic and family violence, and of sexual assault. I am also queer, chronically ill, blak, and a woman; so advocacy and allyship for me has always been a focal point of my existence, and I weave life’s intersectionalities into my artworks. No matter your own journey, experiences, or walk of life, I hope my pieces resonate with you, and help you connect with Country, with yourself, and with others.


Lisa Henderson

Quandamooka | Redland Bay QLD

Lisa is a proud Barkindji woman, living and creating on Quandamooka country. Known for her woven narratives and scorched tales, Lisa is a contemporary weaver and pyrographer. Her work is deeply personal and carries a powerful message of cultural respect and preservation. She carefully crafts each piece with intention and purpose, using natural materials as her canvas, to create a powerful visual reminder of the importance of her culture. Each piece is a reflection of her connection to the land and is a way of honoring her ancestors and preserving her culture for future generations. Although not all her creations are not meant for the general public, many of them tell the stories of others as commissioned, enabling them to remember their ancestors, totems, family, and country culture for future generations.


Laura Lockwood

Gold Coast |

I am a contemporary artist living on the Gold Coast. My passion is aboriginal art and I love using bright modern colours in my art. My aboriginal heritage is from the Darug clan in Sydney.


Perry Collard

Australia | Bowden SA

Genuine one of a kind aboriginal art and designs. Tshirts,hats,shoes,helmets,pads,stubby holders,mouse pads pretty much anything that can be printed on you can have one of my designs on.



Kanamuluka | Launceston TAS

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