The following two Dealer Director positions are up for election at the Indigenous Art Code Annual General Meeting to be held in December 2022 (AGM notice to follow in the coming weeks):

A Dealer Member who is an authorised representative of an art centre (rule 11.2(a)(i)).

A Dealer Member who is, or is an authorised representative of, a Member who is not affiliated with the Australian Commercial Galleries Association (now known as Art Galleries Association of Australia) or the Australian Indigenous Art Trade Association (now known as Aboriginal Art Association of Australia) (rule 11.2(a)(iv)).

This  form should be used by nominees for election to the position of a Dealer Director of Indigenous Art Code Limited (ACN 139 788 711).

  • To be eligible to hold one of the Dealer Director positions, nominees must fall into one of the categories listed above, as required under the Constitution.
  • Nominees may be nominated by a Member of the company, or they may nominate themselves.
  • A signature indicating the consent of the nominee is required.
  • To be eligible for nomination at the 2022 AGM, nominations must be received by Monday, 31 October 2022. Nomination forms may be lodged either:


a.      by mail to: PO BOX 789 Randwick NSW 2031

b.     by email to:        


  DOWNLOAD IartC – Director Nomination Form October 2022 HERE