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Aboriginal Exhibitions Gallery

Aboriginal Exhibitions Gallery at Rutherglen Estates is a unique joint venture between Rutherglen Estates winery and fine Aboriginal art gallery Aboriginal Exhibitions Pty Ltd, operated by Director and art collector Hans Sip. Through the joint venture Rutherglen Estates gains access to the entire Hans Sip collection of Aboriginal art and artefacts comprising over six hundred pieces. Collected works include paintings and artefacts from: Victoria; Cape York and Arnhem Land, NT; Northern Queensland; Kimberley and Fitzroy River, WA; Central and Western Deserts; Tiwi Islands and South Australia. Representing a broad and mostly contemporary view of Australian Aboriginal art, the collection offers a visually powerful experience. Significant cultural works convey ancestral stories and depict large scale maps of Country together with sacred sites. As the pieces have been sourced from many parts of Australia they clearly demonstrate the richness and diversity of Aboriginal art and culture.


13-35 Drummond Street
Rutherglen, VIC 3685

opening hours

Open every day from 10am-5:30pm, excepting public holidays.