Art dealer/business (Indigenous owned/operated)

Walkatjara Art

Walkatjara Art is Mutitjulu Community’s’ Art Centre, owned and directed by Anangu. Walkatjara is located at the Cultural Centre in the Uluru – Kata Tjuta National Park in the Northern Territory. At Walkatjara, artists from Mutitjulu create vibrant paintings that share local stories. Visitors to the Park are welcome to come to the Art Centre, experience our dynamic art studio atmosphere and learn about Anangu culture and the stories behind the paintings. Walkatjara is a not for profit community enterprise. The purchase of artworks from the art centre directly supports the artists and Mutitjulu Community. “Pukulpa pitjama Walkatjaralakutu. Pukulpa pitjama palantjaku tjukurpa. Nganampa art centre Walkatjaranya. Kunpunku atunmara kanyinma.” - ‘Welcome to Walkatjara! Walkatjara is our Art Centre. We are looking after it and keeping it strong.’


1680 Uluru Rd
Petermann, NT 0872

opening hours

Monday - Sunday


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