Art dealer/business (Indigenous owned/operated)

Yaama Ganu Gallery

The Yaama Ganu Gallery is a not-for-profit Aboriginal art gallery and cafe.  The Gallery proudly supports and features consigned works from artists of the local Kamilaroi Nation and Aboriginal managed Art Centres from communities around Australia.  Art Centre’s are community based enterprises which provide economic, social and cultural benefits to Aboriginal people and play a vital role in their communities.  The Yaama Ganu Gallery will only exhibit works from these Art Centre’s to ensure that all exhibited artists are paid the market value for their work. Enquiries - Toby Osmond P: +61 2 6794 3280 M: 0416 323 231


211 Balo Street
Moree, NSW 2400

opening hours

Monday - Friday: 8am - 3pm
Saturday 8am - 12pm

After hours enquiries - Toby Osmond 0416 323 231

featured artwork