Indigenous artist

Karana Harris

Made with Marrumbang

My name is Karana Harris, I am a Wiradjuri/Wangkamara woman. I created Made with Marrumbang which specialises in beautiful, unique items that have been handcrafted with love and kindness to create amazing, one of a kind statement jewellery pieces.  All items have been created from natural and native resources found on Wiradjuri country and then crafted into rare pieces of jewellery that will definitely make you stand out from the crowd as you showcase the pure beauties of nature. We can take requests for custom orders so please feel free to message with any requests or queries (products may vary depending on available stock). *Marrumbang is a word in Wiradjuri language meaning love & kindness.

Indigenous language groups

Wiradjuri and Wangkamara