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KT Aboriginal Fine Art

Welcome to KTAFA! My name is Kelly Taylor, I am an aboriginal artist and owner of KT Aboriginal Fine Art, I belong to the Antikirinya people on my grandmothers’ side and my grandfathers’ side, I belong to the Kokatha people. Watching my grandmother paint from a young age I fell in love with art and have been painting for 30 years (give or take) ever since, but in 2014 I started painting full time, during this time my youngest daughter T’keyah picked up the paintbrush and fell in love with painting too. Kelilah joined us introducing her style of dot painting that is shaped into waves, lines and dots. In 2016 my 2nd oldest daughter Kelly and T’keyah Aboriginal Fine Art changed to KT Aboriginal Fine Art in 2020 the year that changed a lot of peoples lives and most definitely changed ours. Our KTAFA logo was designed by us and now represents our family of four and we officially became a business in 2021 and now KT Aboriginal Fine Art journey begins. We paint together at home and before we start, we like to choose a colour palette first then I will sit with my daughter and choose a story then start painting the design onto the canvas our style of dot painting where we merge ancient art with traditional and contemporary art. Once our paintings are completed, we display them on our Website and all our Social Media pages, blue thumb, Ceduna Art Gallery & Ceduna Ocean to Outback Gallery.

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