Indigenous artist

Sandon Gibbs-O'Neill

Burruguu Art

I am a proud Nhunngabarra man inspired by the legacy of my Grandfather, Tex Skuthorpe, who was a highly respected Nhunggal man, artist, teacher and author. Years of being surrounded by culture and art within my family led me to start my own journey into my culture and then to sharing it through art. With a unique combination of contemporary Aboriginal styles and traditional Nhunggal stories I create artworks that share our rich history and reflect our land. Through an exploration of my Ancestors culture, nature and today's environment, I strive to inspire all through art and sharing knowledge. My works are mainly acrylic on canvas and I have had the opportunity to create some amazing murals in a range of communities. I hope to inspire the future generation and encourage conversation around culture and respect. I am from Goodooga, NSW but currently live on Wiradjuri Country.

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