Indigenous artist

Saretta Fielding

Saretta Art & Design

In my artwork the sandstone texture and engraving is reflective of the traditional sandstone engravings found on my Country. I love to share my culture and our stories with you through my artwork and enjoy the challenge of conveying to others, through art, how I am influenced by people, life experiences and natures beauty.   Saretta Fielding is an artist, entrepreneur and activist. A member of the Wanaruah Nation, of the Hunter Valley Region in New South Wales, she is the founder of Saretta Art and Design, and Malang Indigenous Corporation, a not-for-profit supporting the sustainable economic and social inclusion of Aboriginal people in the community.   Saretta Art and Design is acclaimed for high-quality original artworks, innovative textiles, homewares, and fashion lines. Says Saretta, ‘through trial and error, investment, and building up our networks, we’ve brought our products, from an Aboriginal community perspective, into the marketplace. That income has generated opportunities and jobs, which is really exciting.’

Indigenous language groups

Wanaruah Nation