Indigenous artist

Narelle Pietrobelli

Proud Waradjuri woman local to and connected to Illawarra for last 23 years.  My Spirit Heart and Mind as a Survivor is a continuing healing through my Art works.  My Story is I was taken at a young age and was a Ward of the State.  My safest option was living on the street and I ended up eventually working for Graduate School of Medicine with Rural and Remote Communities.  Currently l work for Waminda, a Women's Healing Center.  l had my own tribe as l call them 9 children.  Two passed away.  Widowed at 21 and have been with my love of my life now for nearly 25 years.  In recent years l have lived experience as a person with a Disability and have been out of the wheel chair for nearly 2 years. my Art has helped my rehabilitation and have l also adult children with Disabilities that have instilled in me that our resilience and determination is what binds us. l believe everything happens for a reason and my art Work always brings me back to my identity and reclaiming my healing.

Indigenous language groups

Wiradjuri Turrbal Num Num