Indigenous artist

Sheldon ‘Sj’ Harrington

SJH Kreations

As young local Widjabul Artist from the Bundjalung Nation, I have been lucky enough to have been brought up in a culturally strong family and immersed in strong cultural grounding and practice my entire life. This had led me to painting, designing, creating and storytelling for more than 15 years. And continue to learn and share the knowledge that has been passed down through my family. These teachings of Connection to our Country, our family, our community and our way of being now permeate through my artworks and visual designs, and pay respect and celebrate the survival and continence of our knowledge and dreaming. My art is more than just tangible objects, it also encompasses values, kinship systems, ways of learning and teaching, communicating and decision making through our ways of knowing, doing, being and seeing. As Aboriginal Knowledge is alive, living and moving within the country that it belongs to. In many cases, the artworks and designs are multi-layer and trans-dimensional knowledge systems.

Indigenous language groups

Widjabal/Wiyabal, Bundjalung