Agency Projects

Agency is an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander not-for-profit organisation that responds to an identified need expressed by cultural leaders, which resonates with Government priorities, academic research and the voice of innovative philanthropists who care deeply about Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, art and Country. Our values align with the foundations of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander resilience, strength and a desire to share. We aspire to develop and facilitate new and stable platforms that promote, celebrate and support cultural maintenance, allow Indigenous leadership to thrive, and feature strong participation and economic opportunities for Indigenous people. We will achieve this through strong partnerships with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander leaders and communities, by attracting bold and ethical investments, creating inspiring networks of giving, and generating strong engagement and awareness around the cultural, social, economic and environmental impact of our projects. Our point of difference is that we do not only exist to establish meaningful new connections between Indigenous-led initiatives and social and ethical giving, but also to celebrate Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander art, culture and people through the facilitation of bespoke learning opportunities, exhibitions, events, publications, residencies and cultural experiences for audiences in Australia and abroad.


Unit 102, 35 Johnston Street
Collingwood, VIC 3066