Indigenous artist

Mel Ladkin

Melissa is a contemporary Aboriginal artist living on Bundjalung country, Northern NSW. A proud descendant of the Awabakal / Wonnarua / Bundjalung peoples, Mel has been caring for country most of her life. From a young age Mel experienced a deep and intuitive connection to the land. She felt the earth speak to her and was moved by the richness and depth of the colours that form the many ochres she has come across over time. For the past 30 + years Mel has worked in the bush, with native plants, trees & their habitats as a land conservationist and has always been fascinated with geology, rocks, minerals and soils. Working specifically with ochre, the careful and respectful collection to the processing is a significant and alchemical process, they are slowly blended and formed into pigment for painting. This is a very personal journey, a time of deep connection and acknowledgement of all that have come before her. Mel’s collection of art works has evolved with much thought, care and respect. Her practise speaks of an ancient wisdom, and she hopes her work will inspire others to open to the spirit of the land and to the rich culture and knowledge that it holds.

Indigenous language groups

Awabakal Wonarua