Indigenous artist

Jarryd Lawton

Mujeekah Art

Jarryd Lawton is a new young Aboriginal Artist, descendant of the Bidjara and Ghangulu people in Central Queensland and an active member of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community. Jarryd’s key intention is to invite his viewers to a closer understanding of his aboriginal culture but also adding his own modern twist and unique style to his artwork to share his cultural creativity through painting. He is the founder of Mujeekah's Inspirational Indigenous Art and his artwork ranges from Emu eggs, acrylic on canvas, porcelain and variations of wood. Majority of his paintings represent family, totems, sporting and life’s journey, plus individualised order paintings such as, ancestral stories, family spirit guides or animals. This young artist takes great time and understanding to create these masterpieces, drawing in his audience with spectacular eye for detail and using themes, symbolic meanings to leave room for interpretation. The artwork has a take home message for each individual who views it whilst betraying the importance of the author's own totem and uniqueness. One of the priorities of the artist was to respect the ancestral art, stories, symbols and relay that through modern day, remembering where we started, how we journey through life and the message and history we pass down.

Indigenous language groups

Bidjara and Ghangulu